Photo by Ivan Mlinaric

Serve in Peru


In the upper Amazon River basin in Peru, United Servants Abroad is partnering with the indigenous people helping to promote their existing ministries. At the Shipbo/Conibo Bible Training Center(CCB) in Pucallpa, Peru we are training church leaders to cultivate their spiritual gifts.

United Servants also partners with the Shipibo/Conibo Church Association and their individual churches as we encourage outreach to other indigenous groups.

At CCB students travel hundreds of river miles to attend Bible training classes in Pucallpa. Both the husband and their wives are trained as couples in ministry. They return to their villages with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This saving grace of Jesus Christ is taught not only in the their village but to all surrounding villages. (read more)

Medical Ministry opportunities are growing in Peru. The need for good health care is more and more demanding as families move from jungle villages into the more populated area near Pucallpa. Medical teams fro the US are joining with the local health givers by providing specialized surgery and training. (read more)

Short Term Mission Groups compliment the overall ministry of United Servants Abroad. Surgical teams, General Medical teams and Dental teams impact our ministry with their love and care. Sport teams and construction teams add support to our ministry as well. (read more)