Serve in The Bahamas

Yes, how beautiful are the feet of the short term mission teams that come to Eleuthera to share the good news of Jesus Christ. How beautiful is this island that God created out in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. There are over 200 miles of shore line with numerous pink and white sandy beaches, each with its own characteristics.

Eleuthera is an excellent island on which short term mission teams can minister. There is no language barrier, it is a short flight from the US and there is much to enjoy on the island with the youth, singles, young and older adults. The people of Eleuthera are very warm and friendly. It is so easy to love this island and its people and build a lasting friendship with them.

This island in The Bahamas is beautiful but it offers very little in the way of organized sports and extra curricular school activities. The public schools on the island have opened their doors and allowed us to bring our mission teams into the schools for presentations of the Gospel as well as allowing our teams to interact with students with games and social conversations. (read more)

We have help establish and encourage The Men of Faith organization on Eleuthera. These men are servants reaching out to those in need on the island as well as serving as short-term missionaries to other countries where we minister. (read more)

Our short-term mission teams are housed at the Jordan Stone Mission House located at Ten Bay. Still under construction, the house can accommodate a team up to 20 people. The air conditioned house sits on two acres and several feet about the water with a panorama view of the Caribbean. (read more)